Ecma International, TC39 ECMAScript RFTG Contributor Form

This form is used to grant a license to intellectual property rights related to contributions to ECMAScript standards ECMA-262 and ECMA-402, developed in the Ecma TC39 Royalty-Free Task Group. It is required in the following cases:

  • To attend a TC39 meeting as an invited expert and participate in committee discussion
  • To contribute a normative change to an ECMA-262, ECMA-402 or a proposal repository under the tc39 organization

This form does not grant the right to attend TC39 meetings; see the Ecma website for more information on joining Ecma.

When a non-member contributor works within an organization where they do not have the authorization to license their contributed IPR, the form can be filled out with separate "signatory" and "contributor" fields, where the "contributor" is the participant in TC39 work, and the "signatory" is the member of the organization who is authorized to license the IPR. The form must be signed for each individual contributor who participates in TC39, and does not apply organization-wide.