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#100 — Description of [[Configurable]] in Table 5 needs to change

The [[Configurable]] row of Table 5 states:
If false, attempts to delete the property, change the property to be an accessor property, or change its attributes (other than [[Value]]) will fail.

This isn't entirely true. Consider the following snippet:
Object.defineProperty([], "length", {writable:false});

to make a long story rather short, this ends up following 8.12.9 and is not Rejected by the algorithm. Either Table 5 is incorrect or there's a step missing around sub-step 10.a.i (only reference to Writable in the algorithm) of 8.12.9.

these tables in section 8 (or their description columns) perhaps should be label as nonn-normative

corrected in rev 12 draft.

corrected in rev 12, Nov. 22, 2012 draft