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#1005 — "named property"

Since you appear to be eliminating the term "named property" (including
"named data property" etc.), you may want to fix these occurrences:

4.3.25 / Note
"In addition to its named properties" / Table 6 / caption
"Attributes of a Named Accessor Property"

8.2.5 / para 1
"the manipulation and reification of named property attributes."

8.3 / para 3
"additional named properties"

10.6 / Note 1
"named data properties of an arguments object"

15.8 / para 1
"a single ordinary object that has some named properties"

15.12.3 / JA Abstract Operation / para 1
"Named properties are excluded from the stringification." / para 1
"This special internal method provides access to named properties"

(Note that there are also occurrences of "the named property" that shouldn't be changed, because they mean something like "the property of that name".)

fixed in rev 13 editor's draft