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#1063 — 15.*: Is [[Match]] a method or a data property?

The spec refers to [[Match]] as both:
-- an internal method (,; and
-- an internal data property (15.10.2,, 15.10.7).

It's possible these aren't in conflict -- the terms aren't defined precisely enough to say for sure -- but regardless, it would probably be better to pick one and use it consistently.

I think "internal method" has the stronger claim, given that one can "call" it.

In ES3 and 5 it was an internal method. I'm hoping that it becomes something else. Possibly a real method such as @@match, but it could potentially also be a function valued internal data property.

In either case, I really haven't work on that problem yet, and the RegExp spec language is still in a transitional state.

fixed in rev 14 editor's draft

in Rev 14 draft