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#1099 — + denoting positive infinity in pseudo-code

Section 8.1.5 introduces the term 'positive Infinity', and says that it's also referred to "for expository purposes" by the symbol '+'. [That character may not render properly, but you know what I mean.]

There are two places in the spec that denote this value with other terms:

In "ToString Applied to the Number Type",
step 4 says:
If m is infinity, return the String "Infinity".

In " )",
step 11.a says:
Set the value of the [[ArrayIteratorNextIndex]] internal data property
of O to +Infinity.

In each case, the improper term ("infinity" or "+Infinity") should be changed to either "positive Infinity" or the symbol. For consistency with all other pseudo-code in the spec, use the symbol.

fixed in rev 13 editor's draft