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#11 — Certain Sputnik Date tests depend on the Sputnik driver to dynamically generate (not so constant) constants

In Date_library.js (derived from Sputnik's test harness), we have the following snippet:
//the following values are normally generated by the driver
//for now, we'll just use 0 for everything
var $LocalTZ=-8;
var $DST_start_month=2;
var $DST_start_sunday='first';
var $DST_start_hour=2;
var $DST_start_minutes=0;
var $DST_end_month=10;
var $DST_end_sunday='first';
var $DST_end_hour=2;
var $DST_end_minutes=0;

Unfortunately, these constants *are* needed to properly load Date_library.js (i.e., LocalTZA for one needs $LocalTZ) and are causing six tests to fail across all browsers as a result:
- S15.9.3.1_A5_T1 2 arguments, (year, month) fail
- S15.9.3.1_A5_T2 3 arguments, (year, month, date) fail
- S15.9.3.1_A5_T3 4 arguments, (year, month, date, hours) fail
- S15.9.3.1_A5_T4 5 arguments, (year, month, date, hours, minutes) fail
- S15.9.3.1_A5_T5 6 arguments, (year, month, date, hours, minutes, seconds) fail
- S15.9.3.1_A5_T6 7 arguments, (year, month, date, hours, minutes, seconds, ms) fail

For the time being, I'm disabling these on Test262.

Need to test this more thoroughly, but the tests now work in PST against DST. With a bit more testing, this can be considered complete.

Seems to work great now. Closing