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#1125 — S11.2.1_A4_T1 partially invalid

escape and unescape are listed in Annex B

Indeed, good catch. This section of tests was ported directly from Sputnik, which I believe was targeting ES3.1. There are probably other Annex B items that are hanging around in the cases. File bugs if you find any others!

Escape/Unescape can be found in the following files:

One more for unescape:

Created attachment 40
Remove escape and unescape from testsuite

Both of these functions are part of Annex B.

Reviewed patch that removes escape and unescape, good to go

Created attachment 46
Move escape/unescape into annexB

Created attachment 54
Move escape/unescape into annexB

Exported change, including commit message

changeset: 369:f80873831607
user: Brent Baker <>
date: Thu Jun 06 07:36:51 2013 -0400
summary: Bug 1125: Move escape and unescape into "annexB"

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