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#1128 — S15.2.2.1_A2_T5 should use Date.prototype.getFullYear()

getYear() is listed in Annex B, test case should use getFullYear() instead.

NOTE: Annex section B lists non-standard functions, so even though
Date.prototype.getYear( ) is implemented in some implementations, it is NOT
part of the standard and should NOT be included in the standard testsuite.

I'll provide a patch that removes this usage.

Created attachment 38
do not use Date.prototype.getYear( )

Date.prototype.getYear() is not part of the required specification, instead use Date.prototype.getFullYear()

Created attachment 42
remove Date.prototype.getYear()|setYear from testsuite

Reviewed patch +1

Created attachment 47
Move getYear() and setYear() into annexB

Created attachment 55
Move getYear() and setYear() into annexB

Exported change, including commit message

changeset: 370:11a02c1eea0a
user: Brent Baker <>
date: Thu Jun 06 07:44:11 2013 -0400
summary: Bug 1128: Move getYear() and setYear() into annexB

NOTE: I am still waiting to get access to update the live website @

Not resolved -> test case S15.2.2.1_A2_T5 is still using getYear() instead of getFullYear()

André, thank you for finding this. I mistakenly dropped the change from the patches as I reworked them. I have addressed the issue and did a grep of the testsuite to ensure that I hadn't missed any other instances.

Again thanks for double checking this.

changeset: d067d2f0ca30
tag: tip
user: Brent Baker <>
date: Thu Jun 13 10:07:45 2013 -0400
files: test/suite/ch15/15.12/15.12.3/15.12.3-11-26.js test/suite/ch15/15.2/15.2.2/S15.2.2.1_A2_T5.js website/json/ch15.json website/json/suiteDescrip.json
Bug 1128: use Date.prototype.getFullYear() in S15.2.2.1_A2_T5
Bug 1131: use String.prototype.charAt() in 15.12.3-11-26

Both of these changes were accidentaly dropped when I regenerated patches for these bugs. I have grepped the testsuite to ensure that the annexB functions only appear in the annexB section of the testsuite.

NOTE: Also regenerated the website based on this change. (Still waiting for permission to actually update the live website)