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#1165 — Introduce ArrayBufferView constructor function

Based on community feedback, the editors' draft of the typed array spec at was recently updated to expose the ArrayBufferView constructor function, principally so that it can be used in instanceof checks with typed array instances. The typed array conformance tests at were modified, and bugs filed against multiple browsers to expose it:

Please update the typed array section in the ES 6 draft specification to reflect this change, so that code written against the current typed array draft will work when these types are incorporated into ES 6.

After additional discussion, it was decided not to pursue this direction. Instead, a new static function ArrayBuffer.isView(value) was added. The [NoInterfaceObject] extended attribute was once again added to the ArrayBufferView interface in the typed array spec, and the typed array conformance tests (part of the WebGL conformance suite) have been updated to test ArrayBuffer.isView (not yet implemented by any UA).