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#1170 — bad section numbers

There are two consecutive sections numbered
"Invariants of the Essential Internal Methods"
"Well-Known Symbols and Intrinsics"


Between and 8.3.9, there is:
8.7.8 [[HasProperty]](P)
Change the '7' to a '3', presumably.


There are two sections numbered (and two numbered
15.13.5 ArrayBuffer Objects Abstract Operations For ArrayBuffer Objects AllocateArrayBuffer(...) SetArrayBufferData(...) GetValueFromBuffer (...) SetValueInBuffer (...) The ArrayBuffer Object Called as a Function ArrayBuffer(length)


Between and, there is: new ArrayBuffer(len)
Change the '.5' to a '.6'.


Between and, there are:{4-11}
Change the second '.6' to a '.4'. (And bump '.11' to '.12'.)

fixed in rev 14 editor's draft

in Rev 14 draft