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In "@@create ( )"...

Unlike its sibling sections, this one's title doesn't have "Date." before the property name, which makes me wonder if it's a property. Presumably it must be, but then why is the "Date." missing?

(This applies to all other "@@create" sections.)

The preamble:
When the Date @@create method of an object F,
the following steps are taken:
is ungrammatical. Based on preambles elsewhere, it should maybe say:
The @@create method of a Date function object F
performs the following steps:

Presumably, this method should be invoked (indirectly) by "new Date(...)", but none of 15.9.3.* mention it or OrdinaryConstruct.

Step 2 says:
Add a [[DateValue]] internal data property to obj.

What is the effect of adding an internal data property without specifying its value? And is there any benefit in allowing this situation? I.e., wouldn't it be better to only add an internal data property when you can also supply its value?

(This applies to some other "@@create" sections.)

A, B, and D fixed in rev 14 editor's draft
C: it's normally called by the [[Construct]] internal method

in Rev 14 draft