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#1197 — "IsPropertyKey(P) is true" not struck-through

On the page labelled "55" (#67 in the PDF),
after the end of section 8.3.10,
there is some struck-through text,
beginning with:

8.3.9 [[HasProperty]] (P)

When the [[HasProperty]] internal method of O is called with property key P,
the following steps are taken:

1. Assert: IsPropertyKey(P) is true.

On that last line, the text "IsPropertyKey(P) is true" is not struck-through,
but presumably should be.

(Mind you, why does the "pdf without markup" have struck-through text in the first place? I would only have expected to see it in the pdfs with change markup.)

Those were explicitly shown as struck-out rather than just deleted to make sure that there was sufficient visibility of the fact that they were gone.

But they've been that way long enough, so now I'm just deleting the text.

fixed in rev 14 editor's draft

in Rev 14 draft