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#12 — S7.5.3_A1.15.js is invalid outside of Strict Mode

According to, 'implements' is only a FutureReservedWord under the context of Strict Mode.

Disabling this test until we have a metadata story around specifying which tests are Strict Mode only, and Google has a chance to update the test case to include "use strict".

Changes from Sputnik have been ported over, but they're incorrect. The new file looks like:
"use strict";
implements = 1;

Notice that 'implements' isn't preceded by 'var ' which is another strict mode violation => a pass of this test doesn't necessarily mean the feature has been implemented correctly. It could just mean strict mode's 'var' restriction has been implemented by a browser.

S7.5.3_A1.[15, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26].js all have this issue.

Fixed at