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#1202 — 5.1.6: "These are to appear in a script exactly as written." contradicts 7.6.1 Reserved Words

this prose in 5.1.6

# Terminal symbols of the lexical, RegExp, and numeric string grammars, and some
# of the terminal symbols of the other grammars, are shown in fixed width font,
# both in the productions of the grammars and throughout this specification
# whenever the text directly refers to such a terminal symbol. *These are to
# appear in a script exactly as written.*

partially contradicts this of 7.6.1

# The ReservedWord definitions are specified as literal sequences of Unicode
# characters. However, any Unicode character in a ReservedWord can also be
# expressed by a \ UnicodeEscapeSequence that expresses that same Unicode
# character’s code point. Use of such escape sequences does not change the
# meaning of the ReservedWord.

. Perhaps that sentence should be removed or augmented.

fixed in rev 14 editor's draft

in Rev 14 draft