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#127 — S7.8.4_A4.3_T1–6 requiring syntax extensions are unsupported

1/2 are bug #59, the rest are for things like noctal (\9), \u, \x, all of which fail to match the grammar, but there's nothing forbidding them as extensions.

There is: "A conforming implementation, when processing strict mode code (see 10.1.1), must not extend the syntax of NumericLiteral to include OctalIntegerLiteral as described in B.1.1". However, this doesn't cover \9, \u, or \x.

Thanks for the report Geoffrey. Agreed the extension clause makes these tests invalid.

Disabled S7.8.4_A4.3_T5 and S7.8.4_A4.3_T6 in source control => S7.8.4_A4.3_T1/S7.8.4_A4.3_T2 were already disabled as-per; S7.8.4_A4.3_T3/S7.8.4_A4.3_T4 were disabled due to

Mark, could you move these tests to a "Sputnik\NegativeConformance" or "Sputnik\BestPractices" directory?

Fixed at