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#1354 — 11.1.9 + 15.17.1.{14,15,16,17}: [[Freeze]], [[Seal]], [[IsFrozen]], [[IsSealed]]

The [[Freeze]] internal method is referred to
in 11.1.9's GetTemplateCallSite Abstract Operation
and in Reflect.freeze,
but there is no definition of it.

Similarly, "Reflect.seal (target)" refers to the internal method [[Seal]], which is not defined.

Also, "Reflect.isFrozen (target)" refers to [[IsFrozen]] "Reflect.isSealed (target)" refers to [[IsSealed]]
neither of which are defined.

fixed in rev16 editor's draft.

Because [[Freeze]],[[Seal]],[[IsFrozen]]. [[IsSealed]] are no longer internal methods also deleted the corresponding Reflect functions.

fixed in rev16 draft. July 15, 2013