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#1373 — "regexp" + "capture" + "replString" not defined

In "String.prototype.replace (searchValue, replaceValue)",
step 4.b says:
Return the result of Invoke(regexp, "replace", args).
but 'regexp' is not defined.

Change it to 'searchValue' ?

And step 10.b says:
Let replStr be the result of the abstract operation
GetReplaceSubstitution(matched, string, pos, capture).
but 'capture' is not defined.

Change to 'captures'.

(Alternatively, in step 10.a, you could change 'captures' to 'capture', since that would match the name of the corresponding parameter of GetReplaceSubstitution. However, that parameter should probably be changed to 'captures' too, to match usage elsewhere, and just because the plural makes more sense.)

And step 12 refers to 'replString', which is not defined.

Change to just 'replStr'.

fixed in rev15 editor's draft.

resolved in rev 15, May 14, 2013 draft