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#1393 —, 10.3, intrinsics + 'current Code Realm'

In "Well-Known Symbols and Intrinsics",
the paragraph before Table 11 says:
Within this specification a reference such as %name% means the
intrinsic object, associated with the current Code Realm,
corresponding to the name. Determine of the current Code Realmand
its intransics is described in 10.3.

"Determine" -> "Determination"
"Realmand" -> "Realm and"
"intransics" -> "intrinsics (repeating Bug 1277 and Bug 1282)

More significantly, 10.3 does not define "current Code Realm".
As far as I can tell, it isn't defined anywhere in the spec.
My guess is, it's just the 'Realm' component of the 'running execution context'
defined in 10.4.

But if that's correct, then I'm puzzled by the algorithm in "[[Get]] (P, Receiver)", where steps say:
a. Let ctx be the running execution context.
b. Let ctxRealm be ctx’s Realm component.
c. Return ctxRealm.[[intrinsics]].% ObjProto_toString %.
If I'm right, you could boil that down to just:
a. Return %ObjProto_toString%.

fixed in rev 15 editor's draft

resolved in rev 15, May 14, 2013 draft