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#1398 — 15: "the [[Call]] internal method behavior for each built-in function"

15 "Standard Built-in ECMAScript Objects" says:
The behavior specified in this clause for each built-in function
is the specification of the [[Call]] internal method behavior
for that function.

However, the [[Call]] internal method is passed 2 arguments (generally named 'thisArgument' and 'argumentsList'), which is not what the built-in functions are declared to take. Presumably we have to imagine a bit of pseudocode wrapped around each built-in function that maps
'thisArgument' to "the *this* value"
'argumentsList' to the function's declared parameters.

It might be good for the spec to say something about this.

Similarly for the algorithms in clause 15 that supply the [[Construct]] behavior of built-in functions.

fixed in rev 15 editor's draft

resolved in rev 15, May 14, 2013 draft

To the quoted sentence, you appended:
with [[Call]] thisArgument providing the this value and [[Call]]
argumentList providing the named parameters for each built-in function.

Change each "[[Call]]" to "[[Call]]'s", presumably.

Italicize "thisArgument".

Change "argumentList" to "argumentsList" (add 's').


I don't see a similar change re [[Construct]] behaviour.

typos fixed in rev 16 editor's draft. Added some words about constructors.

fixed in rev16 draft. July 15, 2013