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#1488 — section number anomalies

There are two (consecutive) sections numbered
FunctionCreate Abstract Operation
GeneratorFunctionCreate Abstract Operation


Consecutive sections: Object.mixin ( target, source ) Object.setPrototypeOf ( O, proto )
15.2.4 Properties of the Object Prototype Object
This should presumably be


Consecutive sections: Math.imul(x, y) Math. imul ()
15.9 Date Objects
I think the header should just be deleted.


Consecutive sections: GeneratorFunction Instances length prototype
15.19.4 Generator Objects
For the middle two, insert a '.19' before the '.3'.


Consecutive sections:
15.19.4 Generator Objects Properties of Generator Prototype Generator.prototype.constructor ( value ) Generator.prototype.throw ( exception ) Generator.prototype [ @@toStringTag ] Properties of Generator Instances @@iterator Iteration Related Abstract Operations
I'm guessing the first five* should be*.

fixed in rev 16 editor's draft

fixed in rev16 draft. July 15, 2013