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#1577 — "This rule is recursively applied" rule is opaque

ES6 replaces the ES5 "early error" language with static semantics, a welcome change.

However, people seem to have trouble understanding the new rules about 'delete', especially the second rule. It says:

> * It is a Syntax Error if the derived UnaryExpression is
> PrimaryExpression : CoverParenthesisedExpressionAndArrowParameterList
> and derives a production that is used in place of UnaryExpression would
> produce a Syntax Error according to these rules. This rule is
> recursively applied.

It means:

If `delete EXPR` is a syntax error, then so is `delete (EXPR)`.

Can the language be made clearer? Failing that, I think a NOTE is in order.

An example of an ES1-5 spec veteran not immediately grasping this rule occurs in the second paragraph of the comment here:

I just noticed there's a typo in the rule.
"that is used" should be "that if used".

I don't think that is the main issue here though.

fixed in rev16 editor's draft

tweaked the language of the recursive application rule and added a clarify note in: 11.4.4,,

fixed in rev16 draft. July 15, 2013