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#1625 — 8.5.3: Call ReturnIfAbrupt on trap result and undeclared variable "proxyIsExtensible"

8.5.3 [[PreventExtensions]] step 8 should be changed to call ReturnIfAbrupt on "trapResult" instead of "booleanTrapResult" to match the other algorithms in 8.5, see 8.5.2 [[IsExtensible]] step 7, 8.5.2 [[SetInheritance]] step 8 etc.

Also step 7 is currently empty.

And "proxyIsExtensible" in step 13 is not declared, should be "booleanTrapResult" instead.

ReturnIfAbrupt(booleanTrapResult) is now used consistently in all those places

proxyIsExtensible was also fixed at some point.