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#1629 — Description in NOTE no longer valid and refers to wrong steps

The second NOTE in refers to the steps 4 and 5, but it should refer to steps 5-6 instead.

Also the second example in the second NOTE is no longer valid, because the spec has been (partially?) updated to use the completion reform semantics, so `eval("1; {}")` no longer evaluates to `1` but instead to `undefined`.

And step 4 could actually be removed, because s.[[value]] is never empty when s.[[type]] == throw.

fixed the step reference.

The second example is marked with a note in the source document that points out the completion reform change. Going to leave it there for now as a point to review.

I think it's clearer in this case to be explicit about the handling of throw in step 4.

fixed in rev17 editor's draft

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft