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#1640 — 8.4.*: misc typos / step 1
Let proto be the the intrinsic %FunctionPrototype%.

s/the the/the/

--- / preamble / preamble / preamble
... is called with property /P/, ...

After "property", insert "key".

--- / preamble
When the [[PreventExtensions]] internal method of
an exotic Symbol object an exotic Symbol object /O/ ...

Delete one "an exotic Symbol object".

Preamble declares object "S", but algorithm refers to object "O".

--- / step 3.c.x
If Desc has a [[Writable]] field, then.

Delete final period.

--- / step 3.c.xi.1
If writable be false, then


--- / step 3.c.xi.1.c
If /value/ is undefined, then return false.

But /value/ hasn't been defined.
Maybe missing an earlier step:
Let /value/ be Desc.[[Value]]

--- / step 2
If Type(P) is String and if SameValue(O, Receiver) is true, then

where "SameValue" is italicized. Change it to upright.

--- / step 2.c
If SameValue(ToString(intIndex, P)) is true, then

Misplaced right-paren: s/, P)/), P/

Step-numbers start at 11.

--- / steps 13,14
Set the [[Get]] internal method of A as specified in
Set the [[Set]] internal method of A as specified in

Change section numbers to,

--- / step 2
Let O be the result of calling ToObject with the this value as its argument.

This is doubly odd, because it overwrites the parameter 'O', and also references
the 'this' value, which isn't normally defined for abstract operations.

8.4.2 / para 4
Exotic Array objects provide an alternative definition for the
[[DefineOwnProperty]] internal methods.


fixed in rev17 editor's draft

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft