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#1642 — 9.*: misc typos

9.1.1 / OrdinaryToPrimitive / step 10.a
Let /result/ be the result of calling the [[Call]] internal method
of /second/, with /O/ as /thisArgument/ and an empty argument list.

s|an empty argument list|an empty List as /argumentsList/|


9.2.6 / preamble
The abstract operation IsPropertyKey determine if its argument,



9.2.7 / preamble
The abstract operation IsExtensible is used to determine whether
additional properties can be added to an object. A Boolean value
is returned. The the argument /O/ where is the object that is tested.

The third sentence is a jumble. Delete it, and simply append "O" to the
first sentence:
... whether additional properties can be added to an object /O/. ...


9.3.5 / preamble
The abstract operation Put is used to remove a specific own property of
an object.



9.3.8 / preamble
The operation is called with arguments P, O, and optionally args
where P is the property key, O serves as both the lookup point for
the property and the 'this' value of the call, and args ...

In this sentence, swap the order of 'P' and 'O' (in both the main clause
and the subordinate clause), to match the declared order of parameters.

fixed in rev17 editor's draft

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft