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#1695 — 15.4.*: misc typos / para 1
The value of Array.prototype is %ArrayPrototype% the intrinsic
Array prototype object (15.4.3).

After "%ArrayPrototype%", insert a comma.

--- / step 4
If mapfn is undefined, then let mapping be true.

s|true|false|, I'm pretty sure.

--- / step 8.a
Let iterator be the result of performing GetIterator(obj).

'obj' is not defined. Change to 'items'?

--- / step 8.h.ix.1, 8.h.x, 8.h.xi
... and a List containing kValue as argumentsList.
Else, let mappedValue be kValue.
Property Descriptor {[[Value]]: kValue, ...

'kValue' is not defined. Change to 'nextValue'?

--- / step 8.h.xi / step 17.d.v
... DefinePropertyOrThrow(A, Pk Property Descriptor {...}).

After "Pk", insert a comma.

--- / step 3.a
Let C be the Get(O, "constructor").

Delete "the", or insert "result of".

--- / preamble
The abstract operation HasArrayConstructor with argument O performs ...


--- / step 2
Let spreadable be the Get(O, @@isConcatSpreadable).

Delete "the", or insert "result of".

--- / step 17.b.vii
Increase k by 1.

Italicize "k".


15.4.4 / para 1
... have a [Array[InitialisationState]] internal data property .

s| a | an |
misplaced left-bracket: s| [Array[Init| [[ArrayInit|
Delete space before period.

--- / para 1
Array Iterator instances inherit properties from the Array Iterator
prototype (the intrinsic, %ArrayIteratorPrototype%.)

Move the period outside the parens.

fixed in rev 17 editor's draft

*** Bug 1768 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft