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#1711 — 15.19.*: misc typos / step 18
Perform the FunctionInitialise abstract operation with arguments
F, Normal, parameters, body, scope, and strict.

'strict' is not defined.

The value of GeneratorFunction.prototype.prototype
is the %GeneratorPrototype%.

Delete "the" or append "intrinsic object".

--- / step 1
Let g be the this value.


--- / step 3
Assert; genContext is the execution context of a generator.

Change semicolon to colon.

--- / step 9
Assert: When we return here, gebContext has already been removed
from the execution context stack and methodContext is the currently
running execution context.


'methodContext' is not defined.

--- / step 3
If Type(iterator) is not Object then throw a TypeError exception.

'Object' is italicized, should be upright.

--- / step 2
Let result be the result of Invoke(iterator, "next", (received)).

'received' is not defined. Change to 'value'?

--- / preamble
The abstract operation IteratorValue ... performing the following steps:


--- / emptyNextMethod / step 1
... performing CreateItrResultObjectCreate(undefined, true).

Delete the second "Create".

fixed in rev17 editor's draft

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft