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#1712 — B.*: misc typos

B.2.1.2 / step 6.b.ii
Else if ..., then.

Delete period.


B.2.5.1 / preamble
When the compile method is called with no arguments, ...

Change "no arguments" to definitions of 'pattern' and 'flags'.


B.2.5.1 / step 7
Return the result of the abstract operation RegExpInitialise
with arguments obj, P, and F .

'obj' is not defined. Change to 'O'?

(And delete space before period.)


B.3.1 / step 8
Return the result of DefinePropertyOrThrow(object, propName desc).

After "propName", insert comma.

fixed in rev 17 editor's draft

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft