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#1718 — Periods missing after list numbers in some deeply nested lists

In some places, such as 5.2, algorithm steps that are at the 5th level
of nesting do not have a period after the list marker.

For example:
a Subsubsubsubstep
rather than:
a. Subsubsubsubstep

The same thing happens in:

* "Atom", subsection "Runtime Semantics: CharacterSetMatcher
Abstract Operation".

* 15.12.2 "JSON.parse ( text [ , reviver ] )", subsection "Runtime
Semantics: Walk Abstract Operation".

and likely more; but in other places, like 9.3.9, the period
is present, as I would have expected.

(This is really aesthetic; it's not a big inconvenience to me. My program tries to check that the HTML numbering replicates the Word numbering, and it emits warnings if any list items do not match. But I can't make these match as there's apparently no consistent rule. So I have warnings. I can live with them!)

fixed these specific issues in rev17 editor's draft

added bug 1734 on cleaning up all the styling of all of the algorithm. Probably won't happen until on the ES6 technical work is done.

See bug 794.

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft