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#1745 — 15.*: Formatting issues in introductory paragraphs for constructors

15.3.1, first sentence:
- "global object", but "object" is in bold

The formatting in the preamble of some constructors is different, XXX_3 is sometimes in fixed width font and sometimes in non fixed width font

> The XXX_1 constructor is the %XXX_2% instrinsic object and the initial value of the XXX_3 property of the global object.

non fixed width font:
15.3.1 (Function), 15.5.1 (String), 15.6.1 (Boolean), 15.9.2 (Date), 15.10.3 (RegExp),

fixed width font:
15.4.1 (Array), 15.7.1 (Number), 15.11.1 (Error), 15.14.1 (Map), 15.15.1 (WeakMap), 15.16.1 (Set), 15.17.1 (WeakSet)

fixed in rev17 editor's draft

fixed in rev17, August 23, 2013 draft