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#1782 — Meaning of "uninitialised binding" unclear for Object Environment Records InitialiseBinding (N,V), steps 2-3:

> 2. Assert: envRec must have an uninitialised binding for N.
> 3. Record that the binding for N in envRec has been initialised.

It is not clear (to me) what "uninitialised binding" means in connection with Object Environment Records. Maybe those two steps were simply copied over from (InitialiseBinding for Declarative Environment Records) and don't actually apply to Object Environment Records.

Object environment records can, in theory, have uninitialized bindings and it's up to use how you track them.

However, I'm pretty sure that the spec. always creates and then immediately initializes such bindings so the uninitialized state is never observable to ES code. So, in reality you don't actually need to track it.

fixed in rev34 editor's draft

added a note to pointing out that object env record create binding calls are always immediately followed by an InitializeBinding call.

fixed in rev34