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#1808 — Algorithm steps with missing periods in numbering


Some algorithm steps at the fifth nesting level are missing periods, so for example we get things like:

> d. If SameValue( value, oldValue) is false, then return false.
> 3. Else
> a Let status be the result of IntegerIndexedElementSet (O, intIndex,
> value).

Note the missing period after the "a" on the third line.

They can probably all be fixed at once in a numbering style dialog somewhere, but here's the complete list, just in case:

- In "[[DefineOwnProperty]] ( P, Desc)", step 3.c.xi.3, two

- In 10.5.1 "Global Declaration Instantiation", step 11.a.i.1, three

- In 10.6 "Arguments Object", the abstract operation
CompleteMappedArgumentsObject, steps 6.a.ii.2, four substeps.

- In 12.11.2 "Runtime Semantics", subsection "Runtime Semantics: Case
Block Evaluation", the second production ("CaseBlock : {
CaseClauses_opt DefaultClause CaseClauses_opt }"), step 6.b.i.2,
missing periods on the two substeps.

- In "Runtime Semantics", subsection "Runtime Semantics:
Evaluation", the fourth production ("YieldExpression : yield
YieldDelegator_opt AssignmentExpression"), step 4.d.viii.1, missing
periods on the two substeps.

- In 15.1.3 "URI Handling Function Properties", subsection "Runtime
Semantics: Decode Abstract Operation", sixteen substeps (all the ones
at the fifth nesting level).

- In "Object.keys ( O )", step 7.f.iii.3.a.

- "Array.prototype.concat ( [ item1 [ , item2 [ , ... ] ] ] )",
step 9.d.v.4, two substeps.

- "Number.prototype.toPrecision (precision)", step 12.c.iv,
three substeps.

- "Atom", subsection "Runtime Semantics: CharacterSetMatcher
Abstract Operation", in the closure, steps 5.a and 6.a.

- "RegExp.prototype.match (string)", step 10.g.iv, four
substeps. (Also, the number for step 10.g.iv is randomly bold.)

- "RegExp.prototype.split (string, limit)", step 17.d.iii.8,
five substeps.

- 15.12.3 "JSON.stringify ( value [ , replacer [ , space ] ] )", step
4.b.ii, two substeps.

At least, I think that's all of them!

fixed in rev19 editor's draft

fixed in rev19