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#1813 — Incorrect section number references in the text

- In 11.9.1 "Runtime Semantics", subsection "Runtime Semantics: Strict Equality
Comparison", the NOTE at the end, the text says "the SameValue Algorithm
(9.12)" but it means 9.2.3.

- "Invariants of the Essential Internal Methods" also refers to "9.12".

- In 11.1.5 "Object Initialiser", subsection "Runtime Semantics: Property
Definition Evaluation", the text says "Identifier Resolution as specified in
10.3.1" but that is now specified in 10.4.1.

- "Runtime Semantics" also refers to "10.3.1".

- "String.prototype.match (regexp)" says "the abstract operation
RegExpCreate (" but that algorithm is specified in

There are too many of these to find and list them all just now. The table in Annex F has a lot of dangling pointers in it too.

Unfortunately the right fix here is probably to use Word { REF } fields, which would make work for me. But I'll do it.

Another example of dangling pointers can be seen here:

The script keeps the text, but does not create a link, when the referenced section doesn't exist.

See also Bug 1595.

except for Annex F, these should all be fixed in rev18

Annex F will either go away or will be updated someday.