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#279 — Attempt for visual representation of part of ES specs

Created attachment 12
Draft drawing

ES specs are note very easy to read if you are not used to do it, it has to be read entirely before being able to link everything. Some additional figures/examples could help.

Hereattached is a first attempt to represent the internal behavior which is probably the least well known, with some simplifications (no strict mode, does not reflect all possibilities in specs, etc) and hopefully no mistakes and/or misinterpretation.

I did it for myself not to forget and for future subjects I am interested in (like multiple globals), maybe it could be included or inspired from somewhere in specs, I can modify it if required or submit the source.


A. Vitte

thanks for submitting this.

Quite a bit is changing in ES6, so this diagram, as is, wouldn't be directly usable. However, I'll keep in mind something like this if there is time after all of details are final.

In the mean time this might be a good addition to the annotated ES5.2 spec: . You should consider contributing it

Thanks, I will post it on git ES5.

Probably I can update it for ES6 when things are final, if you can give me some directions to follow/watch why it does not reflect currently some ES6 orientations (actually I tried to make it from my reading of ES6 last draft)


A. Vitte

I'll keep this around to consider something like it for future editions

Are you considering to include something like this for ES6 and do you need some contribution/help?

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