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#428 — 10.6: italicized abstract operation names

In 10.6 "Arguments Object",
when the abstract operations
are defined, the name of the operation is italicized.

Normally, they are presented in upright font.

The italicization also occurs when 4 of the operations are referenced, in
rule 1 step 2
rule 2 step 2
rule 2 step 7.c.ii.2
rule 2 step 7.c.ii.3

these are actually carry over typos from ES5

corrected in editor's draft

This bug returned (to some extent) in rev 11, and is still present in rev 13:

In 10.6, "CreateStrictArgumentsObject" is in italics,
and "CompleteMappedArgumentsObject" is partly(!) in italics.

And in 15.12.3, under "Runtime Semantics: Str Abstract Operation",
"Str" is in italics.

fixed in rev20 editor's draft

fixed in rev20 draft, Oct. 28, 2013