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#44 — Link test results to Hg test files on website results page

<Thanks>David Bruant</Thanks>

> -
> -- In the Results page, it would be useful to have a link to the test
> file in the website (may help
> to spot differences between the run test suite and the latest )
I love the idea. It's just a bit non-trivial to implement until we get tests from all external contributions living happily in the same predictable directory. For example, instead of having "test/suite/ietestcenter/chapter07/*" and "test/suite/sputnik_converted/07_Lexical_Conventions/7.6_Identifiers/*", we'd simply have "test/suite/ch07/*". Any ways, once this directory cleanup occurs I think we should go ahead and do this.

Test estimate seems a bit too high. This should take less time to complete once Sputnik et al. test cases are living in the same directory.

This is checked into Hg now for failing tests on the 'Run' tab, and you can view the changes at until the live test262 website gets updated with this.