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#480 — 7.8.x numbering is out of order

7.8.2 Boolean Literals is present after 7.9 Syntax

7.8.1 Null Literals is immediately followed by 7.8.3 Numeric Literals


7.9 appears to have been used twice in error,

The current 7.9 Syntax should be (This is a guess, since it appears to be a subset of isntructions for 7.8.6 Quasi Literals)

and the second item duplicates 467

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 468 ***

Sorry about that - I try to type the titles as similarly to the existing bugs - hoping that any dups might get caught as I type.

Take a look at this:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Bugzilla's "Possible Duplicates" feature ignores numbers.