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#485 — PropertyName : StringLiteral uses "SV" where others use "StringValue"

"1. Return the SV of the StringLiteral" =>
"1. Return the StringValue of the StringLiteral"

Do you have any section references to uses of "StringValue of the StringLiteral". I couldn't find any.

StringLiterals and IdentifierNames are different things. StringLiterals have a SV while IdentifierNames have a StringValue.

So the correct usage are (pretty much, I may do some tweaking) as shown in the PropName semantics in 11.1.5.

Nope, this was my mistake.

I was basing this report on a mis-interpretation of the SV item listed in Annex F "Static  Semantic  Rule  Cross  Reference"

"Determines the 'string value' of a StringLiteral..."