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#49 — Need to converge to a single test library API - 'simple test API(s)'

Today we have two largely separate test helper libraries derived from both Sputnik and IE Test Center. I've already moved IE Test Center's test helper objects/functions into test\harness\sta.js. What's still remaining is:
1. Moving sputnikLib.js into sta.js
2. Eliminating duplicated functionality in sta.js
3. Cleaning up sta.js by throwing all the helper functions and objects into a wrapper object (e.g., 'sta')
4. Adjusting Sputnik's test converter to utilize the renamed test library functions *and* writing a converter for IE Test Center tests as well

This should arguably be done *after* Sputnik's conformance tests are ported over to Test262 for the last time (would make step 4 quite a bit easier).

Guesstimating this will take a full week to do correctly.

Some work on this has been done already.

sta.js has been created and all Sputnik helpers have been moved there. Still a few Sputnik files remain, but they're not used by sta.js (only the console runner):
$.ajax({async: false,
dataType: "text",
success: function(data){simpleTestAPIContents = data;},