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#516 — Missing specification of Unicode interpretation of function body doesn't specify how the String value bodyText is converted to the Unicode code point sequence that's expected as source text.

Note the related issue in eval - bug 513.

corrected in editor's draft

fixed in rev10, Sept. 27 2012 draft

Checked in rev 26 draft: There's now a cross-reference from section to section 10.1.1, but that's not the right section to reference - it describes the mapping from a code point to UTF-16, while we need the mapping from a sequence of UTF-16 code units to a sequence of code points. The algorithm that needs to be referenced here is the one at the end of section 6.1.1.

(This bug was actually correctly fixed in rev 10, but somewhere in between the reference got changed to the wrong section).

changed reference to 6.1.4 here and at several other places

fixed in rev27 editor's draft

fixed in rev27 draft

Verified in rev 28 draft.