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#519 — Reference & integrate ECMAScript Internationalization API

The ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification defines a number of new standard built-in objects (Intl, Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat & friends), and re-specifies the following methods originally defined in the ECMAScript Language Specification:
- String.prototype.localeCompare
- Number.prototype.toLocaleString
- Date.prototype.toLocaleString
- Date.prototype.toLocaleDateString
- Date.prototype.toLocaleTimeString

ES6 should probably require that implementations also implement the ECMAScript Internationalization API. Even if not, the sections for the five re-specified methods should reference the Internationalization API Specification for a more up-to-date specification.

fixed in rev20

Minor issues in the fixes:

- ECMA-402 International API -> ECMA-402 Internationalization API

- those parameter position -> those parameter positions

remaining typos fixed in rev26 editor's draft

fixed in rev26

Verified in rev 26 draft.