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#537 — 11.5: undefined "lval", "lnun", "rnun"

In 11.5 "Multiplicative Operators",
under "Runtime Semantics: Evaluation",
step 3 says:
but 'lval' is not defined.
Change to 'leftValue'.

Between steps 5 and 6, shouldn't there be a step:

step 7 says:
Change 'lnun' to 'lnum'.

step 9 says:
Change 'rnun' to 'rnum'.

The last two recur in 11.7.1, 11.7.2, 11.7.3.

fixed in editor's draft

an abrupt completion check isn't needed between 5 & 6 because ToNumber (and all the To* operations) propagate abrupt completions.

So is the abrupt completion check in step 3 needed?

fixed in rev10, Sept. 27 2012 draft