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#560 — more execution context stuff

In "eval(x)",
steps 5.b and 6.b say:
"Set the LexicalEnvironment to ..."

I think this should be:
"Set the LexicalEnvironment of evalCtx to ..."

Similarly for "VariableEnvironment" in 5.c and 6.c.

However, in 5.a,
"Set the ThisBinding to the same value as
the ThisBinding of the calling execution context."
is odd, because 10.4 doesn't say that an execution context has a ThisBinding.

this isjust confirming the note in that is a reminder that the refactoring of eval needs to be finished.

Also, consider putting detection of direct eval into the call operator

I believe all of my original points were addressed in rev11.

Don't know about the points in comment 1.