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#563 — 13.5.1: undefined "argumentsList"

In 13.5.1 "[[Call]]",
step 12 says:
"Let status be the result of performing Function Declaration Instantiation
using the function F, argumentsList, and localEnv as described in 10.5.3."
but 'argumentsList' is not defined.

Presumably it's what the prose before the algorithm refers to as "a list of arguments", so you could insert 'argumentsList' there.


Also, in 13.5.2 "[[Construct]]", step 5 says:
"Let result be the result of calling the [[Call]] internal property of F,
providing obj as the this value and providing the argument list passed into
[[Construct]] as args."
(where 'args' is italicized).

Given the above, 'args' should be changed to 'argumentsList'.

(No other invocation of [[Call]] assumes a name for its argument-list parameter.)

corrected in editor's draft

fixed in rev10, Sept. 27 2012 draft

The first point is fixed, but the second isn't.
(In rev10, the location is now 13.6.2 / step 5.)

On second thought, I've shifted the leftover bit of this bug to Bug 757, and re-closed this one.