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#57 — Some Sputnik test directories need to be renamed reflecting ES3=>ES5 changes

Some specification sections were moved around in ES5 as compared to ES3, and these changes need to be reflected in the 'test\suite\sputnik\Conformance' directory.

As part of this work, we should also rename the directories the tests are in; removing words identifying the ES5 chapter/section/subsection. For example, we would want to change:

to the more succinct:

All I've done here is:
1. Prepend "ch" to the test path (e.g., "ch"15)
2. Remove all alphabetic characters and '_' from all subdirectories of 'test262\external\contributions\Google\sputniktests\tests\Conformance', while retaining all characters in the test filename

There are a couple of advantages to doing this. First and foremost, we're cutting the amount of characters needed for the test path in half => smaller test downloads from the live test262 website. Secondly, this makes us a bit more impervious to any ES5 subsection title changes that might occur in ES6 (e.g., perhaps 15.10.2's "Pattern Semantics" changes to "RegExp Pattern Semantics").

Any ways, I'd imagine it'd only take half a day or so to write a small script to automatically make these name changes, run it, and check the changes in.

Hi David, I'm surprised to see this change to be applied to external/contributions/Google/sputniktests/tests/Conformance/ rather than

I would think the former should just continue to reflect the outside contributions as they were contributed.

In any case, I'd be very happy to see test/suite/sputnik/Conformance/ changed in this way. Also, ietestcenter tests should be changed at the same time from "chapter15" to "ch15".

Done. Changes will go live on the website with the next update.