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#59 — S7.8.4_A4.3_T1 & S7.8.4_A4.3_T2 are incorrect with respect to appendix B.1.2

Section B.1.2 of ES5 states:

"The syntax and semantics of 7.8.4 can be extended as follows except that this extension is not allowed for strict mode code:"

As such, the escapes checked in these test cases can validly be matched by an implementation against the OctalEscapeSequence rule in section B.1.2 of the spec.

But, per the section of the spec quoted above, octal escapes are prohibited in strict mode. I'd suggest these tests could be fixed by adding a "use strict"; into the test string being eval'ed in the test.

Yes, you're absolutely correct. Disabling as per until Google gets a chance to update these test cases.

Fixed at