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#62 — legacy bugs in Array toLocaleString algorithm v15.4.4.3

There are two bugs that exist in ES3 and which were carried forward into ES5:

1) the calls to toLocaleString in steps 8.d and 10.d.iv incorrectly assume that the return value will be a string. ToString should be applied to their results.

2) The this value passed in the above calls should be the original element value (firstElement and nextElement, respectively) rather than elementObject.

The second bug is mostly editorial, but may be observable is the toLocaleString method of Boolean/Number/String.prototype is set to a strict mode function.

There may be some behavioral differences among current browsers for issue 1 but both FF and IE do the implicit ToString and that behavior seems most consistent with other situations in the specificati

set IN_PROGRESS to indicated this should go into ES5.1 Errata.

Fixed in ES2015.