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#629 — 13.2: "FormalsList"

In 13.2 "Arrow Function Definitions",
under "Supplemental Syntax",
it says:
"When processing the production /CoverFormalsList : Expression/
the /FormalsList/ production is used to further restrict the
source code that matches /Expression/."

but then gives a production for /ArrowFormalParameterList/, not /FormalsList/.

Similarly, under "Static Semantics: Early Errors",
under "CoverFormalsList : Expression",
there are references to "FormalsList".

In each case, change "FormalsList" to "ArrowFormalParameterList", I think.

On second thought, I think the uses of "FormalsList" are correct, and it's the production
ArrowFormalParameterList : FormalParameterList
that shouldn't be there.

ArrowFormalParameterList : FormmalParameterList
removed in editor's draft.

fixed in rev10, Sept. 27 2012 draft