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#69 — Test issues

Test case is:
function testcase() {
try {
Object.defineProperty(Array.prototype, "0", {value: 100, writable: false, configurable: true});
var newArr =;
return newArr.hasOwnProperty("0") && newArr[0] === 101;
var verifyValue = false;


return verifyValue &&
!verifyConfigurable && verifyEnumerable && verifyWritable;
} finally {
delete Array.prototype[0];

There is a return in the middle of the try block.
Moreover, there is something weird with the ";"
The first argument of call is usually an object used as the |this| binding. I think that here, the intention was to write Array.prototype.concat(101) in order to perform the concat on the Array.prototype object itself (which is itself an array)

I've simply disabled this one until sense can be made of it with the original author.

The fix provided to me has been checked into Hg.