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#740 —*: italic "MapIterator"

In*, the section headers have "MapIterator" in italics,
for no apparent reason.

Change to an upgright font.

An italic constructor is the convention established in previous editions to identify a metavariable in a name position of chapter 15 signatures. In particular, see 15.11 Native Error Object Structure.

This seems like a reasonable convention to apply in this section where we essentially are defining anonymous classes

in October 26, 2012 release draft

Ah, so there isn't any built-in property with the name "MapIterator".
It would probably be worth saying so before the first use.

> In particular, see 15.11 Native Error Object Structure.

The difference is that there, /NativeError/ stands for each of the six
predefined error types, but in, /MapIterator/ doesn't stand for any predefined map iterator types (because there aren't any), it sort of stands for map iterator objects that might be created at runtime.

Mind you, even that interpretation is misleading, because then a section header like
suggests that every map iterator object has a property named "prototype" whose value is the %MapIteratorPrototype%, which doesn't appear to be true. (Map iterator objects don't have *any* named properties [of their own].)

So instead, it might be clearer to say (e.g.)

(Ditto all that for "SetIterator".)

And ditto for "ArrayIterator".

fixed in rev20 editor's draft


fixed in rev20 draft, Oct. 28, 2013